The Evolved Home Theater Experience


 Whether you’re looking for a dedicated media room or if you’d like surround sound in a family room, your options are unlimited with Smart Media.

Smarter Media

Whether you have a dedicated home theater room or just want to give a boost to your current family room’s entertainment system, smarter media room solutions are exactly what your home needs. Smarter media rooms will transform your entertainment experience. You design the space; let us design the technology to create a media room that you are going to be proud of. 


Smarter TV

Do you already have a room that you need a home theater system installed in or are you upgrading your current system with new smart technology?  Do you want to get a brand new smart television or are you looking at just getting streaming video sticks for your current television? 


Sound Quality

The quality of the video you are watching is important, but so is the sound quality. A lot of people prefer the immersive feeling of a surround sound speaker system, especially when they are streaming movies. This gives the feeling of going out to a theater while enjoying the comforts of your own home. Whether you want a whole room surround sound systems or just a simple soundbar for your television we have a plethora of smart speaker system options to fit your needs. 


Smart Projectors

You can also look at options like smart projectors with a screen. You can have a screen installed that pulls down when you want a true movie theater experience. There are also projectors with built-in speakers as opposed to surround sound speakers. 



You go to the theater for the ‘experience.’ 25-foot tall actors and a powerful sound system that delivers emotions on a scale. Can you achieve this experience in the comfort of your home? You can, with an Evolved Habitat. Whatever the budget, we can have systems that fit your needs and also work for your wallet. We maximize your budget by picking aesthetically pleasing items that offer you the most value. We will work closely with you to determine the best products for your wants and needs. Your new smart media room will be the perfect place for you to entertain family and friends.


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