Tired of changing your timers back and forth for DST?


Travel a lot and want to make it look like you're home while you’re gone?


Control all lights in your home from your phone, tablet or voice.

Smarter Lighting

Lower Your Bill

The biggest benefit of smart lighting is the savings you get on your energy costs. How many times have you left the lights on unknowingly, then went to bed? With smart lighting systems, you can check your phone before you go to bed to make sure all of the lights are off. You can also get motion detectors that work with your smart lighting control. The settings with the motion detector can be adjusted as needed to maximize their efficiency.



Additional Security

Smarter lighting equals smarter security. The problem with traditional timers is the fact that thieves can easily figure out if you are using a timer to give the illusion that someone is home. With smart lighting, you can make the lights turn on and off in a smart, unpredictable pattern. This makes it harder for thieves to know if you are home or not. You can get timers that you can set for different times every day or you can purchase some systems where you can adjust the lights no matter where you are in the world.



Smarter Lighting is Beneficial For Mental Health

One benefit that people may not know about smart lighting is the different settings that smart lights have. Science shows that different types of lights have different effects on your body. Some types of lights help you relax and sleep while other types of light give you energy. Some of these lights can even help treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Smart lights allow you to choose the type of lighting that you need in the space whenever you need a change. 



These are only some of the benefits that you can enjoy thanks to new smart light technology in the home. Do you need your business to have smart lighting with motion sensors? Are you looking for lights that have a lot of color options? Let us help you select the perfect smart lighting system for your needs. Start enjoying the benefits of smart lighting today.


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