Control everything in your space by automating your home or office.

Introducing Josh ai, a voice-controlled home automation system. 

Smarter Home Control

Why A Voice-Controlled Smart Home?

As more and more applications are coming online, from your thermostat to your lights to your TV, the ability to connect and control these devices remotely opens up an assortment of opportunities. For one, energy savings becomes a thoughtless exercise with applications that shut themselves off as you leave the house. Secondly, the convenience of having instant and continuous awareness and control of your from anywhere offers peace of mind.


Why Voice?

One of the challenges to building a fully automated house, particularly one that grows and evolves over time, is the ability to program with ease. Using natural language commands as though talking to a friend, Josh can be easily taught. Even complicated queries can be effortlessly programmed, such as, “At sunrise, if I’m home slowly fade the bedroom lights on, open the drapes, turn on the radio, and brew a pot of coffee.” We believe programming should be as natural as chatting with a friend, and this capability is essential to a truly connected house.


Josh Is A Voice-Controlled Home Automation System.

Like Siri or Google Now, the Josh programming language is built to support natural language voice commands. This includes greetings, questions, instructions, and more. Further, Josh is built to control and connect any “smart” device, from any operating device. For example, with Josh, you can turn on your speakers from your watch, change the temperature from your phone, shut off the lights from your desktop, etc. Initially, Josh will be focused on the smart home, but over time we envision a more general-purpose AI. Josh will go where you go, making your life easier and more productive.

Evolved Habitat's voice control technology is able to network together, connecting sensors like temperature and motion to devices like lights and locks. More-so, your home is your sanctuary, a place to feel comfortable and secure. Making your home “smart” transforms a bunch of wires and walls into a personal refuge. 


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