Dead spots, buffering, and endless reboots?

It’s time to upgrade to the best wifi router on the market that will pass any wifi speed test with flying colors! 

Smarter Wifi

No More Buffering. No More Dead Zones.

How do you know what it’s time to replace your router? You need to consider the symptoms. Do you have dead spots in the coverage in your space? If you have considered additional devices like a Wi-Fi extender, that could be a sign that your current setup isn’t working. With all of the internet-connected devices, you end up with congestion that slows down your internet. With our Evolved Habitat routers you are investing in your future and saving you money in the long-run.


Better Control

Evolved Habitat routers offer you better control over the internet in the space. Our routers have great features that can control maturity rating on sites to block your children (or even your employees) from visiting specific sites. If they try to visit these sites, you will get an alert additionally you can enable and disable the network whenever you need to, for instance, if you want the family to enjoy a quiet meal together or to ensure that your child goes to sleep when they are supposed to.


Evolved Habitat has the knowledge and expertise that will help you come up with the perfect solutions for your specific needs. Not only do we help plan out smarter Wi-Fi for your home or business, we help ensure that the connections are as secure as possible.  From adding productivity to your company or just making sure that you have internet no matter where you are in your space, a new Wi-Fi upgrade is exactly what you need.


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