Protect your family by seeing who’s at the door with our top tier smart home systems for smarter and more reliable security. No matter where you are in the world know that your home is safe with smart home technology video insights. 

Smarter Security

Smart Home Security System

Interested in safeguarding your home and property even while you are away? Or perhaps you would like to get a self-monitor security system that you can control and monitor remotely? We’ve got just what you need!


At Evolved Habitat, we bring you a smart security solution designed to make your home protection and safety needs a lot easier. Our innovative designs and smart technology helps you access and view your property from just about any location in the world giving you direct technology video insight. Synced to your mobile phones and devices, our smart security cameras offers you complete control over your home. Check through the live feed at your own convenience and get in touch with an emergency contact if need be. Our self-monitor security system is much more than just an anti-theft device, it is a security and home access solution that everyone needs.


A Smarter Security Solution- Designed Like No Other

Statistics have shown that 60% of convicted burglars opt for properties with no surveillance system. What if you could take your security up a notch and get a self-monitor security system you can access in real-time? Evolved Habitat's smart home gadgets are designed to offer you total visibility at the push of a button. What’s even better? You get a security solution that requires no monthly subscription/maintenance fee. Simply get it installed and you’re all set to go.


Save Money On Insurance Policies and Premiums

Insurance premiums are often dependent on the safety precautions you take to keep your home protected. With our self-monitor security solution, you never have to worry about overpriced insurance premiums ever again. Why replace stolen items with new ones when you can keep them safe and unharmed in the first place? With the Evolved Habitat state-of-the-art security cameras, you never have to!


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